Customer Supplied Items - Local Customers Only

For local customers in the Atlanta Metro Area, Rainbow's End Designs will not always be able to provide the items that you want embroidered. Sometimes you have received a gift that you want personalized. Maybe you want a school backpack or sports team bag embroidered with a name. It is best that you take the time and effort to source an item that meets your exact needs.  When this is the case, I am willing to accept customer supplied items, provided they are determined to be a good product for embroidery.

1.) Items and design placement must be suitable for embroidery. Usually, I will need to physically see or see pictures of the item to be able to determine if I can successfully do what you want. 

2.) Items should be new. 

3.)  Items should be products that I do not sell or offer for sale.

4.) Customer may need to supply an extra item or extra piece of fabric of the same type for test stitching.

5.) Customer is responsible for ensuring their own items are free from any defects and flaws prior to delivery to Rainbow's End Designs.

6.) Minimum pricing starts at $15.00. If a logo or design must be digitized, there will be an additional charge.

7.) The customer understands that Rainbow's End Designs maintains the highest degree of quality and workmanship.  However, we cannot always prevent or control a failure of the embroidery machines or unexpected results on items that we do not provide.  Problems rarely occur, but you need to be aware of this possibility. If you supply an item, then you accept the risk. Rainbow's End Designs is not responsible for replacement or cost of customer supplied goods if they become damaged in the process of embellishment.


For questions, please message my through my facebook page, or email us at